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KPO stands for Knowledge Process Outsourcing. KPO involves
offshoring of knowledge intensive business processes that
require specialised domain expertise, thus delivering high
value to organisations by providing business expertise
rather than just process expertise.

It is being claimed that KPO is one step extension of
Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) because BPO Industry
is shaping into Knowledge Process Outsourcing because of its
favorable advantageous and future scope. But, let us not
treat it only a 'B' replaced by a 'K'. In fact, Knowledge
process can be defined as high added value processes chain
where the achievement of objectives is highly dependent on
the skills, domain knowledge and experience of the people
carrying out the activity. And when this activity gets
outsourced a new business activity emerges, which is
generally known as Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

knowledge process outsourcing.

>it is higher end applications of a BPO

>that means ,it requires specialized knowledge in a
particular   feild

>whether it IT or Engineering or Finance ,the KPO employes
delivers very very skillful work which involves very very
specialized knowledge in a particular area.

>suppose it is IT KPO,the KPO executive must have knowledge
abt IT product development,its market,its history...etc

KPO is knwoledge process outsourcing. It's criteria is quite
immense than BPO. In BPO a fresher can enter. But in KPO he
should be specialist in his field.

Knowledge Processing Outsourcing is popularly known as KPO. Business Processing Outsourcing or BPO becoming Knowledge Process Outsourcing. KPO Industry handeling most highly skilled of the BPO industry.

The current information economy driven by knowledge creation opportunities every day new business base for companies. Knowledge process outsourcing or KPO will bring huge opportunities in the near future.

What is KPO (Knowledge Processing Outsourcing)?

Information is knowledge. Today the economy is the knowledge economy. Development of knowledge is a continuous process of creation and dissemination of information by bringing together industry leaders to create knowledge and information see the significance of information and its context. This information led the outsourcing of knowledge known as knowledge processing outsourcing or KPO.

Why KPO?

KPO helps companies to create huge business opportunities. Many new business concepts coming day by day in the processing of the Knowledge Industry Outsourcing.

Who can get benefits of KPO

Emerging KPO opportunities in following sectors:

* E-Marketing
* Retail Industry
* Research and Development
* Business and Technical Analysis
* Learning Solutions
* Animation and Design
* Business and Market Research
* Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
* Medical Services
* Writing and Content Development
* Legal Services
* Intellectual Property (IP) Research
* Data in Google Analytics
* Network Management
* Training and Consulting

How data synchronization tools can help the KPO sector?

Data synchronization software tools companies to access their data from any location. Companies can develop various types of softwares for different different perpose KPO and process data from Branch Automation Tool.

Retail companies can get sales reports and stock data synchronization using software tools. Manufacturering companies can use branch automation tool to access data from different locations Thire. Dealers and distributors can process orders through data synchronization tools manucaturers.

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